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We Protect What You
Can't Afford To Lose.

Investigations, Special Operations, Security Guard Services

Constant patrols and vertical sweeps of multiple floors are critical. Our personnel have the knowledge and experience how to detect potential hazardous conditions.

We Protect What You Can’t Afford To Lose. LMC provides professional, cost-effective security service that combines efficient, responsive security and access control with a level of customer service that enhances our client’s public image. Our employees combine intelligent security with excellent customer service



Most companies look exclusively at former police officers and security personnel.  LMC selects from a larger candidate pool.  We step outside the box for recruiting, searching among members of veterans organizations, community centers etc.



Our training programs, like our hiring practices, far exceed governmental requirements and industry standards.

Depending upon the client’s needs, employees will receive additional on-site training at the client facility.



LMC quality assurance ensures personnel meet or exceed the specific requirements of every security situation, while keeping clients completely informed.

  • LMC actively partners with its clients, working together to provide maximum security and customer service.

  • LMC Managers are hands-on and always available for questions or issues, delivering the highest level of quality assurance.

  • Training programs are custom tailored to each client, and personnel are regularly tested to ensure standards are upheld.

  • Security and safety assessments proactively pinpoint potential issues and areas for security and operational improvement.

  • LMC provides training and expertise on all new security and access control technologies.

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