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LMC Inc. is committed to conducting quality investigations while representing your company with discretion, integrity, confidentiality and professionalism.

The results of our investigation are presented in informative and comprehensive reports which will assist you in effectively evaluating each situation in a prompt and efficient manner.

The information gathered through our investigation will provide your company with the insight needed  in evaluating any possible claims or issues your company may encounter.

Investigation Specialists

LMC Inc. specializes in cost-effective investigative services which are needed in effectively evaluating sensitive information. Our extensive experience with a wide range of investigative services enables LMC to respond quickly and effectively with practical solutions to the many challenges facing today’s management.

Some services include:
  • Activities investigation

  • Video surveillance

  • Background investigations

  • Locate witnesses

  • Interview statement

  • P.I.P. Investigations

  • Primary Residence

  • Scene Diagrams

  • Photographs

  • Computer database services

  • Trial preparation work

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